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Poem: "Fairy Encounter"


I once saw a fairy
And wondered just where he
Would go when he’d see
A big person like me.

Would he think it good
To hide in the woods?
Or maybe to fly
Way up high in the sky?

But he just sat and looked
And thought to himself:
“Will that big person run
When he sees this small elf?”

I wasn’t the one
Who wanted to run;
And neither was he
As he sat by his tree.

So I smiled and stayed
Where we had fun and played.
Although I was tall
And he was so small;

We learned in the end
We each had a friend:
And neither was scary;
Not me, not the fairy.

©2017 Lewis A. Kocher

Poem: "The Wheel of the Year"


PLEASE NOTE: This poem is about the mystical Wheel of the Year, a wheel that speaks of eight seasons, not four. The layout of the poem is:

Verse one - symbols of the first four seasons, in order
Verse two - names of the first four seasons, in order
Verse three - symbols of the second group of four seasons, in order
Verse four - names of the second group of four seasons, in order

The Wheel of the Year contains many celebrations that are important to many people, and this poem is a great meme for remembering the eight seasons in order! :)



Colors bold
Let the wheel turn
Winter's cold
And the wheel turns;
Fires bright
Let the wheel turn
Equal night
And the wheel turns;

Samhain, Yule,
Imbolc too:
Cold earth grows to warm.
Ostara's perfume,
Flowers true:
Each thing in its turn.

Lambkins bleat
Let the wheel turn
Berries sweet
And the wheel turns;
Sun holds sway
Let the wheel turn
Equal day
And the wheel …

Prose: "Song of Lammas"


How many blackberries
Will make a pie?
I have picked them;
If you make the pie
We will share it, you and I.

The berries hid
Where rain met dew;
The geese honked
The goldfinch flew,
The eagles squealed as I picked.

How many blackberries will make a pie?

Can summer be found,
Can Lammas last,
In a small black berry?
I taste summer
I taste the harvest...

How many blackberries will make a pie?

I will pick
You will bake
And together we will take
One slice
Then share with friends.

Tell me:
How many blackberries will make a pie?

(c) 2017 Lewis A. Kocher

Poem: "Where Faeries Walk"


Where faeries walk,
My heart walks too:
Side by side
And two by two.

They dance in rings
Of faerie light;
They dance unseen
Throughout the night.

And as they dance
Though I’m not there,
They know I know:
They know I care.

And with a smile
I slumber on;
My dreams are filled
With faerie song.

©2017 Lewis A. Kocher

Poem: "Lawn Dancers"


What happened in my lawn last night
I nearly fear to tell;
I hesitate but not from fright
(Now knowing all is well) –

It is because you may not think
That what I think, is true;
You may just laugh, or even wink
At friends who laugh with you.

Of course you’re right – I didn’t see
It all, but gave a glance
At lights all glowing daintily
And heard the fairies dance.

Oh yes, just laugh, but not so loud,
At what I say to you.
The fairy-folk are very proud;
You don’t know what they’ll do.

Their mirth rang out across my yard
Their magic sparked the air,
Their fairy watchers stood their guard
Lest trouble wander there.

I listened very carefully
To hear the fairies sing;
Then in the morning, fearfully,
I found their Fairy Ring.

Oh, don’t disturb a Fairy Ring!
That’s not the thing to do!
But to that spot should only bring
Love and peace with you.

And if you do, that magic band
Will bless you all your days;
And if you don’t, on every hand
You will be cursed – always!

©2017 Lewis A. …

Prose: "The Faerie's Kiss"


A perfumed breeze caressed my soul,
She breathed so lightly on my neck,
I scarce knew
Scarce dreamed
Scarce hoped
A kiss she whispered there?

Oh highest hope
Oh highest dream
Oh purest form of love;
An angel stooped
Her cheek touched mine;
A kiss she whispered there.

©2017 Lewis A. Kocher

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